• Yoga Weekend Retreats

    Do you feel the need for a break from your career, family and daily life?
    Would you like a restart, refill your energy, good sleeps and more joy and enthousiasm for life?
    Give yourself a positive escape and dive into an oasis of relaxation, tranquility and joy. We will invite you in the beautiful surroundings of the South West coast of Portugal for a 4 days yoga holiday. With daily yogaclasses, meditation, yoga nidra, treatments and delicious ayurvedic food to nourish your body, mind and soul. You will receive ayurvedic wisdom, inspiration and experience an Ayurvedic cooking workhop.


    by Jeanette Tromp
    "In retreats, classes, coaching and workshops I meet a lot of beautiful women. Strong women who have busy lives, an ambititious career, sometimes a family with children and a big social network. Going on retreats for a week or longer is not always easy to plan, although I believe women nowadays need a break, calm down their speed and moreover need relaxation for the nervous system and hormones. This 4-day luxurous yoga holiday offers the perfect break. With years experience in week and weekend retreats I hope to give you a positive escape from your daily roles and offer health and lifestyle tools to implement in your life. "
    - Jeanette -