• Inner Radiance Retreats

    Give yourself an urban escape and dive into an oasis of relaxation, tranquility and pure joy.
    We will invite you in true nature in the beautiful surroundings of Domburg for an ultra relaxing Retreat. With daily yogaclasses, music & movement, meditation, yoga nidra and delicious ayurvedic and plantbased food to nourish your body, mind and soul.
    Disconnect to reconnect and rediscover your Inner Radiance!


    You will experience the traditional Hatha style and in addition different elements like Iyengar, kundalini and fluid yoga. We start the morning sessions with meditation, breathing and asanas for energy, health and peace. Also the knowledge of Ayurveda is explained and how to use this in your yoga and breathing practise. The afternoon sessions will always be completed with Yoga Nidra (Satyananda Saraswati lineage). This is a healing and powerful practise for deep relaxation and to improve sleep. Good long sleeps are a key factor in a good health and positive mind set.

    Food & Ayurveda

    Food is the lush part of the weekend. Colours, spices, tastes and delicious food will be served. You will learn the principles of the Ayurvedic system and how to use these in your daily life. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic approach where yoga, nutrition and massages are combined to give health and wellbeing. The elements and constitutions will be explained during an Ayurvedic talk and cooking workshop. All vegetarian meals are based on the Ayurvedic principles and the six tastes. We invite you to explore, discover and dive into this beautiful health system.


    In this weekend you will find yourself calm, peaceful and relaxed. As a contrast to your busy life, this literally is an escape to tranquility and pure joy. New in our retreats is a 5rhythms dancing. We will move our bodies in connection with the elements and the rhythms of life.
    Open your heart and discover the true joy inside.

  • Yogabee Villa Domburg 15-18 JULY 2024
    This beautiful retreat villa is nestled in the natural surroundings of the pittoresque village Domburg, with endless beaches at walking distance. The Yogabee offers space for 14 people and a stunning yoga studio is build next to it. Fully equipped and with big windows overlooking the fields of Domburg. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the villa has a swimming pool and sauna. Experience the elements and nature in this unique area of Holland.


  • Wellbeing

    Treat yourself this weekend with a relaxing massage or healing. Or dive deeper into Ayurveda and learn about your body type, constitution, food and lifestyle.


    An intuitive yet strong massage with elements of the classical Swedish massage and Ayurvedic influences. With the use of organic oils chosen for your type. Calming for your nervous system and relaxing for body, mind and soul.


    A beautiful addition to our retreats are workshops chosen per year.

    Ayurvedic coaching

    In the ayurvedic talks or a 1-1 consult we will explore, discover and connect with you, your true nature and your digestion. By Ayurveda, we try to balance your system and your constitution. With food, delicious recipes, positive thoughts and yoga for health and balance.

  • Prices 15-18 JULY


    - €750 shared double, shared bathroom
    - €850 shared double, private bathroom
    - €950 single, shared bathroom (only 2 single)
    - 3 nights plantbased full board.
    - 6 yoga sessions, (element) meditations, yoga nidra, ayurveda talks, 5rhythms dance.

    - Fruit, water, tea, snacks

    - Gift


    • Insurance
    • Treatments



    15.00 check-in with tea and snack
    17.00 Yoga & Nidra

    19.00 Dinner



    08.00 fruit and tea

    08.30 meditation & yoga

    10.30 brunch

    16.00 tea and snack
    17.00 workshops* or yoga

    19.00 dinner
    20.30 meditation & nidra



    08.00 fruit and tea
    08.30 meditation & yoga
    10.30 brunch

    13.30 Closing circle & departure with snack


    15-18 JULY 2024
    Only 5 spots free



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