• 'Ancient wisdom in modern life'

    Jeanette Tromp, Founder, teacher & coach
    Jeanette is commited to the path of yoga, Ayurveda, sprituality and self-realisation. Since 2009 she teaches yoga classes and workshops inspired on the traditional Hatha style. In addition different elements and styles like Iyengar, Vijnana, Kundalini and Yoga Nidra are part of the classes. Ayurveda is a big part of her life and as an Ayurvedic nutritionist and chef she offers health programs, presents delicious food, gives food talks and cooking workshops, is an holistic massage therapist and a plantbased chef during retreats in Holland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Sweden. Always interested in exploring new fields, connecting this human exprience with divine energy. Ever practising being truly present, through movement, stillness, meditation, dance and nature.

    "14 years ago my love and fire were ignited for retreats. Feeling exhausted, tired, unconnected to myself and experiencing bad digestion i decided to take a break. A break from office life (marketing), old patterns, cycles and even the environment. This (inward) journey brought me first to Portugal, where i experienced nature and its elements in a profound way. It was here where my own search for health, wellbeing and feeling reconnected started. As a massage and reiki therapist my experience grew enormously here by working in a fasting retreat centre. I continued the journey by living in ashrams in Canada and Austria to do my first yoga teacher trainings. Workshops, trainings and classes with Manju Jois, Max Strom, Teresa Caldas, Algarveyoga, Swami Vedantananda, Yoga Moves, Yoga & Ayurveda followed. Inspired by many: Lousie Hay, Abraham Hicks, Tara Brach, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra etc. And i still love to learn and experience as a student. A few years ago i dedicated my life and work only to yoga, ayurveda and wellbeing in general. In coaching, programs, sometimes a class, a workshop, a private retreat, or in the famous radiance retreats. Always a gift for ourselves to reconnect again, not only to the physical matter but to the energetic and spiritual realms as well. To retreat within with yoga, profound rest, nature and healing and nourishings foods. Connections are made easily, just as beautiful conversations, encounters and unexpected moments in nature. In my own search for health and wellbeing Yoga and Ayurveda were my guidance. Both, connected by their holistic approach, I rediscovered my nature, sacred fire, energy and inner radiance. Now i feel honoured to share the knowledge, experience and questions together with you”. Love Jeanette

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    Marjolein van Ooijen - Plantbased Chef

    With her background in hotelmanagement and passion for food and creating, Marjolein studied at Bettinas Kitchen in London and soon in Bali to keep inspired and up to date. She worked in many retreats in Holland, Italy and Portugal and serves not only plantbased food but offers warmth, comfort and love.

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    Inner Radiance Retreats

    "Doing retreats, coaching and workshops I encounter a lot of women who have busy lives, an ambititious career, sometimes a family with children and a big social network. Going on retreats for a week or longer is not always easy to plan, although I believe women need a break, calm down their speed and moreover need relaxation for the nervous system and hormones. The idea of a relative short retreat popped up for a long time and now it is time to listen to my creativity and to create! In november 2018 the first retreat was a succes. With years experience in week and weekend retreats I hope to give you a positive escape from your daily life and offer wellbeing and lifestyle tools to implement in all layers of your being."

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