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    The beauty about sharing experiences, knowledge and stories is connecting with each other.
    By doing so we can grow, wake up, connect and create.

    ~Hilde, September 2020 Carvoeiro~

    "The retreat in Carvoeiro came for me at the best possible / most necessary moment in my life. A perfect gift from my dear sister. There was so much going on in my life and because of that so much fog in my head and cramps in my body. The week with Jeanette literally meant breathing for me. New breath in my body, new courage and new strength. With the focus on the feminine being and the strength we possess, the focus on the light, beauty, love and warmth and gentleness to ourselves. I got more energy again. The vibe on the spot was magical, the decor beautiful and all the women wonderful. The dancing summed up everything so perfectly. I think back to that beautiful week with a lot of love. Thank you Jeanette! And thank you Marjolein and Laura for the delicious and nutritious meals! "

    ~Amanda, March 2019~

    "Jeanette, your warmth, and passion are obvious to all that meet you. You, Kathrin and Charlotte have created a relaxed and supportive environment filled with kindness and love. The yoga classes were inclusive yet challenging. By the end of the weekend I had a new appreciation for postures that I’ve been studying for years. Your talk on Ayurveda and the doshas was really interesting. I’ve never got around to doing anything myself and your enthusiasm for Ayurveda has made me want to find out more. The retreat house is a really lovely space. Beautifully decorated, modern and comfortable. In a very peaceful spot. The food was delicious and plentiful, absolutely amazing."

    ~Karine, November 2018 & March 2019~

    "Yoga & Ayurveda retreats are a MUST. Jeanette shares and helps us put in practice the ayurvedic principles starting with daily cleansing routine, healthy nutrition, yoga, massage and sleep. Each meal is a true feast, each treatment a relieve for your body and enables you to get in contact with your true self. It is a beautiful journey to come to the Algarve and also an inward journey to find yourself and it is priceless. The days flow in a trusting, loving, relaxed and fun atmosphere. A great thanks to Jeanette and her team of beautiful women."

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    Yoga, beach and fun

    "Wow, this experience exceeded all our expectations. Jeanettes knowledge and expertise is 'sky high': nutrition, yoga sessions, coaching sessions, massages, all surrounded by sun, sea and beach. Thanks for your hospitality, warmth, care, expertise, passion and much, much more!"
    -Ania en Claudia-

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    "You read and hear a lot about healthy food and how you can lose weight. You will be scattered with nice quotes telling you what happiness is. But how do you do that? I was stuck. Jeanette massaged me regularly and I attended her yoga classes in Holland. In an open conversation I explained my situation and in May 2016 I was in Portugal. I was suprised. That all your basic needs (nutrition, exercise, rhythm and sleep) come together on such a journey. I did not expect that so much could change so quickly. My body felt much better after the 4th day, my digestion improved considerably and the complaints I always suffered from were less. I enjoyed the sun, the beaches, the yoga, the food and the many ayurvedic tips. I enjoy the many recipes almost every day and if it succeeds, I walk every day! The quality of life has changed for me, I feel more time and peace. This retreat in Portugal is priceless and has given me so much!"

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    Ayurvedic lifestyle

    I met the radiant Jeanette during a Yoga week in the Algarve. The Ayurvedic nutrition consultation with her exceeded my expectations and has been life changing! To get energy from healthy, pure food that is right for your digestion. Meanwhile I live every day according to a few simple principles and rituals, I have changed jobs, travel less and enjoy daily the advice and delicious recipes of Jeanette. "