• Inner Radiance Program

    Emerge yourself in this 8-weeks personal journey. To (re)connect with your inner radiance and inner knowing. Through the elements, senses and the body you will (re)discover your optimum health, wellbeing and inner spark.
    In this personal 1-1 program you will tap into different healing modalities: Ayurveda, nutrition, yoga, meditation, 5 elements, music and energy work. With practical tools to implement in your daily life and routine to nourish your body, mind and soul. You will feel refreshed, energized and reconnected. Find you inner radiance!


    Through the ancient system of yoga you will work on your body, mind and awareness. This holistic approach works on all levels of your being. You will experience the traditional Hatha style and in addition different elements like kundalini, flow, nidra and meditations. To give you strength, stamina, yet flexibility to handle daily life matters.


    You will learn the principles of the Ayurvedic system and how to use these in your life. The elements and constitutions will be explained during our first Ayurvedic consultation. Its an invitation for you to explore, discover and dive into this beautiful health system.

    Five elements

    'Rituals create space out of ordinary time to come back to our true selves'.

    By connecting through the elements, therefore our senses, heart and our chakras, the body remembers and heals. This is why spending time in nature is nurturing for our nervous system and therefore health. Stress is the main reason for illness, disbalance, depression and anxiety. Learn how to connect with the 5 elements with simple yet effective rituals.

  • 8-week Program

    + 1-1 personal sessions
    + 8 x 1-hour sessions by Zoom (either weekly or two weekly)
    + Ayurvedic consult (1st session)
    + Personal nutrition & lifestyle advice (pdf)
    + Recipes & tools
    + Music and mantras
    + Yoga & meditations
    + Inspiration & 5 elements ritual
    + Optional: 1 live meeting + massage therapy of 75 minutes

    PRICE: € 895*
    * exclusive 1 live meeting/ massage therapy

    In our meetings and the time we spend together we will talk about life, ayurveda, health and wellbeing. With space to, organically, let what needs to show itself, come up and be held. Integrate all the elements and nourish your mind, body and soul! Language is Dutch or English.

    This program is for women maybe like you, who experience stress, disbalance and digestive issues which keep you from optimal performing. If you need a reset, a shift, a clear and mindful focus, this personal program is for you. If you are dedicated to do your (inner) work and feel the call to listen within, it is my pleasure to share this journey togethter. 
    For more information and to plan your match call: info@jeanettetromp.com 
  • This Inner Radiance Program was a true gift for myself!

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